The 2019 Blueberry season is over… Subscribe for updates at the bottom of the page to receive an email next year when we start taking orders.

Once again this year we are making several runs for New Jersey blueberries. This started as something we did for family and friends, then in the past few years we’ve opened it up to friends of Yoders’ Farm.

A couple of notes.

  • These blueberries come from New Jersey. We purchase them through a trusted produce supplier.
  • These blueberries are not organic, they are conventionally grown.

Here is how the order process will work.

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. The orders will be separated into several different trips over the next several weeks (first come first serve).
  3. Once our trips are separated out we will email you letting you know the following.
    • Which trip your order will be a part of
    • When we are leaving
    • When you should be ready to pick your blueberries up here at the farm
  4. The evening before we make the run for your blueberries we will send you another email, this one will give you a targeted time for the blueberries to be back here at the farm.
  5. You will come to the farm to pick up and pay for your blueberries.
  6. If your blueberries haven’t been picked up within two days we will attempt to sell them to someone else and your order will be marked as fulfilled. (If for some reason you can’t pick up your order please let us know as soon as possible.)

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at

Prices for 2019

  • 10lb box of blueberries – $35 + 2.5% tax
  • 20lb box of blueberries – $55 + 2.5% tax