Yoders Farm Corn Maze 2017

Fall Season 2017

The 2017 Corn Maze season is over… sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss next years season! 🙂

This year’s corn maze is our best one yet. It’s larger (over 10 acres), is a completely new design (with an Oliver 550 tractor outline in the center) and the Corn Maze game features 3 more waypoints than last year.

We’d love to have you and your family visit us this Fall!

Hours / Dates

  • September 22 – November 4
  • Thursdays in October 4 p.m. till 7 p.m.
  • Fridays & Saturdays 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
  • Closed Sunday through Wednesday

Corn Maze Rates

  • Admission to the farm is always FREE!
  • 1 Maze ticket – 6 yrs and older – $7
  • 5 Years old and under are FREE! – (Must be accompanied by an adult)

Special Rates

  • Groups, 10 or more people. – $6 per – (Must contact us first.)
  • College Students – $6 per – (Must have Student ID.)
  • Older Young People – $6 per – (50 yrs or older.)
  • School Field Trips are getting full – details can be found here.

Other “Stuff” Avaliable

  • Pumpkins
  • Snack Shack
  • Hay Ride – $2.50 – for 6 yrs and older, 5 and under are free with paying adult – (no hay rides after dark)
  • Free – Duck Races, Corn Pit, Visit with the animals, relax on the farm.

The Corn Maze Attempt App

  • Time your Corn Maze Attempt
  • Keep track of waypoints found
  • Compete with your friends (and all participating maze goers) for a spot on the leaderboard!

The Maze Experience

When you arrive at the farm you’ll come in the lane, to the right of the barn and out towards the greenhouses. You’ll find a place to park in our parking area to the right of the lane.

Everything activity wise is centered around the tent. The tent is where you’ll go to purchase tickets for the corn maze and hayride as well as where you’ll pay for any pumpkins you purchase.

When you purchase a maze ticket you’ll receive a map of the maze. This has details regarding the waypoints, information on using the app to play our corn maze game, rules and an emergency phone number.

Maze Rules

  • Always stay on the trails. Do not bust through the corn. A corn maze is a living puzzle, please help us keep it in good shape throughout the season.
  • No running or pushing. The ground is rough in places. We are not responsible for accidents.
  • No picking or throwing corn. Again, this is a living puzzle help us keep it in good shape.
  • No littering. Please put trash where it belongs.
  • No smoking or alcohol in the maze or on the farm.
  • No pets. (Except for service animals.)
  • Have fun! Seriously, enjoy yourselves…

Tips for Success

  • Stay hydrated. Take water with you into the maze.
  • Appropriate clothing should also be worn. Flip-flops might not be a great idea. There are corn leaves in the pathways, they can be a bit sharp, you may consider wearing something with long sleeves.
  • A good flashlight (with fresh batteries) is a really good idea (required) if you plan to visit after dark.
  • Don’t forget your map. If we forget to give you one please ask for one.
  • Each group should also have a cellphone. People do occasionally get lost in corn mazes. You should have a way to contact us. (The info is on the map.)

Some Maze Details

A corn maze has traditionally been cut out of a field full of corn however, more recently a lot of farmers have been using sorghum to either replace the corn or in addition to the corn. After doing some research we decided to plant corn and sorghum to give us a thick, dense stand of vegetation to work with.

Our maze is also handcrafted and is a new design each year. Using a mix of state of the art technology (a precision gps) and more analog tools (graph paper), we are able to create a maze that is designed by us and for us. Although it is a bit tedious, the results are usually pretty good and it is uniquely ours.