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Hydroponic growing techniques have been around for quite a while. As you might have guessed with “Hydro” in the name, hydroponics are based on nutrients being delivered to the plants roots by water, whether the roots are submerged in water as in some lettuce production, or in a growing medium of coconut fiber or volcanic porous rock, both which we use.

As Ernest Yoder found early on, our neutral pH well water, when mixed with the hydroponic fertilizers we use, creates a slightly acid concentrate that promotes the juicy sweet mild acidity that makes an excellent tomato. The Dutch variety of Beefsteak tomato that we primarily use is called “Trust” and we have come to rely on it’s consistent size, flavor and appearance. A gourmet tomato even in winter, the longer days of spring and summer enhance it’s juicy flavor even more. Bored cardboard tomato eaters are invariably delighted with the zesty homegrown flavor that this variety delivers.

Generous slices on butter biscuits, hamburgers with slabs of tomato bigger than the patty, tomato on toasted slices of Barbara’s sourdough bread, smuggling Yoders’ tomatoes into favorite restaurants to brighten tired salads; these are all stories we hear from delighted tomato aficionados!