The 2018 Spring Snack Shack season is over! It’ll be open again this fall…

The Snack Shack is the latest addition to the farm. Last fall (2016) we opened it for the fall season with apple cider slushies and funnel cakes. Those were somewhat of a hit, so this spring we’ve had the snack shack open as well and are offering strawberry lemonade slushies and soft serve ice cream.

Note, the hours of the Snack Shack don’t always correspond with the hours of the farm.

Spring Snack Shack

In the Spring we have strawberries. So, the natural thing to have in the Snack Shack is strawberry lemonade slushies, soft serve ice cream and different types of sundaes.

Fall Snack Shack

In the Fall we switch over to apple cider slushies and funnel cakes and there is a good chance that we may experiment with some more things this fall... :)